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Why WordPress? FAQ

You have a choice. Should your new website be WordPress, or not?

We want to make your choice easier, so here are our reasons why you should do WordPress:

More than 27% of websites are WordPress

According to Web Technology Surveys, WordPress is used by 58.9% of all CMS websites and accounts for 27.9% of all existing websites.  That’s a pretty impressive amount!

Easier for Client Management

Once we finish your WordPress website, it is easy for you as the client to go in and manage the website.  WordPress’s platform  provides several functions to make changes, update the site, or add plugins.  Best of all, if you do have any problems with the site,  you can simply Google it. There are a variety of blogs or articles online that can answer almost any question you have! But of course, if you cannot figure it out yourself, Appsky Labs can gladly help you out!

Speeds Up Development Time for Developers

Building a website is no easy task. It takes time to create a masterpiece that fully captures your business. We understand that when you want a website made, you want it done quickly.  If you choose a WordPress site, you speed up the process and receive your site much faster.

Looks Professional

Sometimes when a website looks unprofessional and poorly thrown together.  We have all seen the site that looks like it was built in the early 2000’s.  There is no reason to be stuck in the past.  With several different templates to choose from, your site is sure to look professional.

Easy to Secure

Security is always a major concern.  It seems like almost every day you hear about hackers, breaches, phishing emails, etc. It’s not difficult to secure your WordPress site, but rather easy by downloading a plug-in or two, making your website safe, secure, and reliable.  If your site is involved in e-commerce, the importance of this increases more.

Automatic Updates/Easy to Backup:

Updates are inevitable.  At the same time, they can be annoying when you find yourself constantly having to go in and manually make those updates.  Luckily, WordPress does automatic updates for you.

Are you afraid that one day your website is just going to disappear, or maybe you’re scared of making a terrible change to your site and having difficulty backtracking? With WordPress it takes a couple clicks to have your entire site backed up. You can get a plug-in that automatically backups your site frequently as well.

Integrates Easily

WordPress is designed to work with many existing services so that users and admins have a streamlined system to manage. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available to help make development and management easier.

  • WooCommerce – Free E-Commerce/Store platform with many extensions available.
  • SquirrlySEO – A free to use SEO plugin to ensure the proper Meta data has been set up for each page. It even gives your site a score and provides guidance on how to increase traffic!
  • Visual Composer – For those users not so familar with HTML, Visual Composer provides an easy to use drag and drop interface for users to create new pages.
  • Stripe/PayPal – Accept payments through your website quickly and easily!
  • Revolution Slider – Create beautiful interactive and animated slides to display or scroll on your website.

And many more!

Why WordPress? FAQ

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