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The Symbiotic Relationship

between the designer & developer

by: Jackson Troe

*Read in the voice of Sir David Attenborough*

In nature, there exists the phenomenon known as “Symbiosis.” In short, symbiosis is when two organisms—be they plant, animal, fungus, or something else—live in a close, long-term biological relationship.

There are many degrees to these relationships. Parasitism, where one organism benefits at the other’s detriment. Commensalistic, where one living thing benefits while the other doesn’t gain or lose anything at all. And today’s example, mutualistic, where both creatures benefit as seen in the relationship between the Designer and Developer.

Typically the relation between the Designer and Developer is one of distant cooperation.

Designers, being creatures with a natural instinct to create, spend their days cobbling together things known as prototypes and mockups. These blueprints for aesthetically pleasing tools are then left behind as the designer pack moves on in a continued search for sustenance.

The Developer then moves in, taking these blueprints and using their immense capacity for craftsmanship to make them a reality. The Developer then uses these newly crafted tools to then secure food for itself.

Often times the Designer and Developer work together intentionally, sharing the spoils with each other in recognition of both groups’ efforts. Even then, the Developer and Designer do not share territory, and the Developers don’t begin their work until the Designers have moved on and left their prototypes behind.

But, located in the suburban grasslands of Omaha, Nebraska exists a near unique situation where a small gathering of Designers and Developers have formed a shared pack! Named after the cave they call home, the Appsky Designer and Developer work in close tandem throughout their creative process.

While the Designer is making its prototype, the Developer steps in to provide key guidance on what is, and is not, possible to create when working with materials available for that project. And on the flip side, as the Developer is working to make the Designer’s blueprint a reality, the Designer keeps a keen eye on the progress, pointing out small, yet important details that the Developer may have overlooked.

With their close relationship and communication eliminating many of the burdens and stresses of the typical process, their work is expedited. This leads to a better functioning tool, which then ensures better odds of survival for both Developer and Designer.

But, this relationship is in its infancy. Scientists cannot say for certain where it will go from this point, but it is clear that with each completed project the Appsky Designer and Developer find new possibilities in what is possible with their combined problem-solving prowess.

If you wish to see this natural process for yourself, or work with the Appsky Designers and Developers, reach out to our wildlife handlers at hello@appsky.io

The Symbiotic Relationship between the Designer & Developer

Jackson is appsky’s Lead Designer

He creates the faces for most of Appsky’s apps and websites, as well as finding UI and UX solutions for our developers. He has a degree in graphic design and has been with Appsky since January 2018.

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