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Transplant U

app design and development


a child friendly medical app



The Brand

An organ transplant is a difficult topic to make kid-friendly. The TransplantU brand needed to inform about the transplant process while still being relatable and accessible to children. The brand utilizes rounded graphics and fun colors as a way to come across youthful and non-threatening.


The result was a fun aesthetic that came across as more of a game than an educational tool.

The App

TransplantU was designed with kids in mind, with features that allow users to create their own avatars, have descriptions read to them, and drag and drop engagement with transplant-related medical equipment.


The app familiarizes children with the transplant process without being scary.


The End Result

We worked with UNMC to develop an app that:

    • explains the organ transplant process in a child-friendly way


    • gives parents a resource to engage their children in a conversation about a scary medical topic
    • implements custom illustrations and animations


    • provides audio to accompany visuals with the “read to me” option

The News

  • WOWT Segment on TransplantU

Download for Android on the Google Play Store and iOS on the Apple Store.

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