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Anvil Ready

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Anvil Ready

a powerful app for communication professionals

Anvil Ready
Anvil Ready

The Brand

Before beginning any design or development of the app, we created a brand that played off the idea of a blacksmith creating and chiseling with a tool the way PR communicators create and generate impact. We also worked in aspects that would be relevant to the web app’s interface and functionality.

The result was a stemmed checkmark that fit the shape of an Anvil, while also referencing the “Ready” aspect of the app’s name.

Anvil Ready

The App

Anvil Ready was designed with communication professionals in mind, with features that allow users to stay organized, build objectives, track important tasks, and export presentations.

The app streamlines the process of creating and managing multiple communication plans.

Anvil Ready

It guides the user through a series of steps for creating, managing & evaluating successful communication plans.

Anvil Ready

Each of the 4 main steps are further broken down, allowing for quick and easy completion.

The app even helps implement each plan by tracking important tasks within an automated calendar.

Anvil Ready

The Website

Because Anvil Ready is a web app, there needed to be a front-facing website that would advertise the app, as well as allow users to sign-up for an account and log-in to pre-existing accounts.

We doubled down on the friendly feeling that had been the core idea behind the color palette.

Anvil Ready

And continued to bring a warm and busy character to the site, rather than the typical clean and minimal design that is widely used for tech tools like this.

Anvil Ready
Anvil Ready

The End Result

We worked with our client to develop a web app that:

  • allows users to efficiently manage & implement plans

  • exports a unique presentation for each communication plan
  • uses an automated calendar to track and organize activities

  • follows a proven process for creating successful plans

And a website that:

  • acts as a gateway to access the web app

  • advertises the app’s features and functionality
  • implements custom illustrations & animations

  • allows users to sign up for access to the app
Anvil Ready
Anvil Ready
Anvil Ready

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