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Our Values

written by Jade Jensen

Always Explore

Our first value is our way of saying, “Be creative, learn, ask questions!” We want our employees to constantly seek ways to better themselves and those around them.  Whether it is learning a new programming language, a new sport, or traveling to a new country, we encourage it.

The same is true for our clients.  Everything starts off with a single idea.  Often, our clients don’t have the time or the technical skills to produce their own websites or to develop a software program that suits their needs.  They come to us to explore their ideas more, while we help turn those ideas into a tangible, marketable product. For example, a client might have a great idea for a new app who wants to explore that idea more.  We can then create the app or a prototype for them. Whether it’s a new company altogether, or an established company wanting to expand on a new idea, we can do it!


Promote Constantly

We love promoting ourselves, each other, and our clients!  As a business, we want you to know what we are up to and how we are helping our clients.  The same is true for recognizing people for going above and beyond in what they love doing.  By checking out our social media, you should be able to get a feel for how we can support you, the many different talents of our team members (such as Sue’s wood work), and who we are as a company.


People Come First

We aren’t in the business for those awkward, transactional sales.  We don’t walk into the office everyday like robots. We are human. Our clients are human. Our clients’ customers are human. To us, people come first, and that’s how it always should be.  At Appsky Labs, we’re a team of unique individuals with different backgrounds and experiences that make us who we are.  We work together. We play together. And we always put people first.  Relationships are everything. We care deeply about building each other up and those around us!


Support the Community:

Although many of us at Appsky love programming and designing (at all hours), we have other hobbies and passions outside of work.  A big part of that is supporting the community around us.  That may be the startup community, the programming community, or our local Omaha community. Together, we strive to help grow lesser supported areas.  We find value in helping clients within the community through the use of software development.


Kick the Ego to the Curb

We get it, you’re great.  But we don’t want to hire you if you just care about yourself. We want to work with people with the drive to be great and with the motivation to excel in what they are passionate about! It’s awesome if you are always seeking ways to be the best version of yourself. We like that…we LOVE that. Going back to our other value, people come first, if you are too egotistic and “full of yourself” you won’t be able to put others first.  We’re fully team-oriented and driven to bring out the best amongst each other!


WhY Wait to be Great?

These five words encompass who Appsky Labs is.  We don’t create excuses.  You won’t hear any of us say, “Maybe in five years I will be able to do that.” If we have an idea, we pursue it.  We don’t wait for things to happen or circumstances to be different, we make it happen.  Our clients see that and do the same.  Dreaming is not doing.  So, ask yourself, what’s holding you back? But most importantly, why wait to be great?

Our Values

we are a human-centered creative agency that specializes in design, software, & consulting, with a passion to improve our local community through unique & affordable services.

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