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Our Services at Appsky

written by Jade Jensen

If you follow us on social media, you might understand who we are and what we do.  We like to think of ourselves as a design/development/branding agency. We want to be the client’s partner though the whole process to ensure the success of the software we create. Yeah, that probably sounds like too much, but think of it like this: we create websites and apps for our clients.  In some cases, a client already has strong branding, great content, and visually appealing photos. However, we offer these services because not all clients have the branding set in place. Convenience is important; it saves time and money.  We know that clients don’t want to go to five different places if they can get the same quality, affordable services in one place.

So…what does Appsky Labs offer?

WordPress Sites

Our main business revolves around WordPress sites.  We build premium WordPress sites for our clients that can start with one page of content to over six pages of content. We also offer WordPress sites with ecommerce built in so our clients can sell directly on their website.

Each website we craft includes the following services:

  • Premium WordPress Theme

  • Basic SEO Integration and set up through theme

  • Training about using Admin site

  • Weekly Backups Plugin

  • Plugin/Theme updates regularly

You’re probably wondering: why WordPress? We use WordPress for various reasons (as you can find in our recent “Why WordPress?” blog post), but one of the main reasons for WordPress is because of how easy it is for our clients to manage.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps make up a good bulk of what we do.  We offer various app sizes with various advanced features. We create both iOS and Android apps, as well as “Uber for” mobile apps.

Services that we provide with each app include:

  • User-centered testing

  • Beta testing with end users

  • Upload to the iOS and Android app stores

  • Two-week release with bug fixes after the initial release

  • Extended hours customer support

  • Feedback section of app

Web Apps

Different size web apps with different advanced features.

Services included on each web app include:

  • User-centered testing with client

  • Beta testing with end users

  • Backups of database and site regularly

  • Two-week review of bug fixes after the initial release

  • Extended hours customer support

  • Security features


Another aspect of Appsky Labs is the branding that we provide. Each business should have branding that is memorable, that people recognize on the fly.  Our branding services include many different things:

  • Logos

  • T-Shirt Design

  • Merchandise Design

  • Business Cards

  • Color Schemes

  • Typography

  • Branding Guidelines

  • Promotional Material

  • App branding

  • Web branding


We create standard promo videos of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. These standard promo videos include:

  • Shooting video on site or in studio

  • Full editing of video

  • Custom graphics

  • Script provided by client

We also create custom videos of 60 seconds, 120 seconds, and 5 minutes.  These include:

  • Shooting video on site or in studio

  • Full editing of video

  • Custom graphics

  • Script provided by client

  • Full script-production flow


We offer different types of photos:

  • Headshots

  • Product images

  • Location photos

  • Event photos

All photos are edited.


On-Going Support:

We’re always aiming to make our clients lives easier.  Even when a project is completed, maintenance is  still needed.  We offer our clients the ability to pay for on-going support whenever they need. This includes having us manage social media accounts if need be.


Something Missing?

If you need a certain service that we may not have listed, don’t hesitate to ask if we’re capable of doing it.  We have an office full of employees with diverse backgrounds in business/design/programming and much more! It never hurts to ask! Email us at dev@appskylabs.com if you’re interested in becoming a client or just want to make the connection!

Our Services at Appsky

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