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Chief Operations Officer

Positivity Expert

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Jade is the glue that holds all of appsky together. To put it simply, she makes. shit. happen. With a BSBA in Marketing & Management, she’s a team leader who is an expert at communication & project management.

Why Jade is special: To-do lists are her *thing*, she’s obsessed with Thai food, is always talking about dogs, loves to travel, & is really good at meeting new people.


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Chief Technology Officer

Jack of All Trades

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Spencer is the type of person who can relate to anyone about anything, which is likely due to his interest in doing everything. No kidding. Spencer can play pretty much any instrument (including a didgeridoo), ride a uni-cycle, enjoy a game of frolfing, mix any drink well, and play pretty much every sport. If you were to leave him alone in a room with nothing but a ball of yarn, he could likely entertain himself for hours. This Rip-Stick rider’s diverse background of random skills helps him to connect with our team members and clients in a unique way—allowing him to manage our projects super duper well.


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Founder & CEO

Board Game Master

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Taylor is appsky’s team coach & sales extraordinaire. He started appsky with a passion & drive to improve our local community through affordable design & software services. With a degree in IT Innovation from UNO, Taylor is the core propellent of appsky’s vision & knack for innovation.


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Full-Stack Software Developer


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Eric a skilled mobile app software developer and problem solver.  He might actually be addicted to water, as the number of five-gallon water jugs the office uses increased substantially since he started. Eric’s sense of adventure has taken him all over the world and allowed him to try some pretty cool things. His focus, insight, and knack for problem solving makes him super valuable for appsky’s project development and planning.

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