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Meet Sue Yi

written by Sue Yi
Meet Sue Yi


It all started long ago in far, far…just kidding. Hello! I’m Sue, and I’m a relatively new addition to the software development team here at Appsky! I work in Python, from full stack development to data mining, but enough about the computer stuff.

My Heritage is Me

My family heritage is one of the biggest parts of my identity, and how I got to where I am now. I’m a first-generation child, along with my siblings (I have two half sisters on my dad’s side and an older brother, so I’m the baby). We all graduated college, and I am so grateful; both of my parents could only afford up to middle school education in Korea. Here is a picture of them back when they were youngins:

Meet Sue Yi

How I (literally) Got Here

Back in the good ol’ days, when my aunt was a young woman, she met her husband while he was deployed in Korea. My aunt is my dad’s sister. When my aunt married her husband, whom is now my cool, awesome uncle, they moved to Hawaii. During this process, my aunt and uncle brought over my grandma. Long story short, the Air Force moved my family to Nebraska, and eventually, my dad, mom, and sisters had the opportunity to move to the United States.


So, What’s the Gist?

My uncle made everything possible for my family, which made everything possible for me. He’s also in IT and loves to dissect computers! I grew up around him and his New York personality (and yes, New York style pizza is my favorite!). Surprisingly, I never thought I’d be in IT, but I give thanks to him for having such a huge influence in my life.


Practicing My Creativity

Growing up, I pretended to be an author and a publisher. I wrote stories and illustrations about monsters on small sheets of paper and would staple them together to create my own self-bound, colored-pencil books. I was the child who chose to read, and still today, reading and writing are my life in this sometimes over-bearing, technological world. My creative writing teacher in high school once said that paperback novels will always be forever. I still agree with him. Stories are adventures.


Feed My Adventurous Appetite

I run, a lot. I consider my runs to be micro adventures. I also love kayaking, hiking, camping, and all that outdoor jazz. If I’m not outside, I’m daydreaming about the mountains and Conifer and Pine trees.

Here are some pictures of my Pistol squat adventures (1st Image – Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile; 2nd Image – Turquoise Lake, Leadville, CO):

Meet Sue Yi


Some Last Thoughts

You made it to the very, very end! If you would like to reach out to me, reach me at sue@appskylabs.com and I would love to chat about anything! #whywaittobegreat

Also, if you ask me, “PC or Mac?”, I’ll respond, “Both.”

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