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Meet Melissa

Tell Us About You:

I was born and raised here in Omaha, Nebraska. I got married last year to my husband Steven, who is a graphic designer. This upcoming June we will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary and our 10-year anniversary together. We have a miniature dachshund named Riblet and two kittens named Cupcake and KitKat. We also recently started our own business.


What do you do at Appsky Labs?

I am a WordPress developer.


How did you join Appsky Labs?

I reached out to Taylor while I was attending Interface classes to get some extra practice.


If you could have any super power, what would you have and why?

I’ve thought about this question many different times, it’s a tough one. I think every power comes with its benefits and downfalls. That being said, I think I would want to know everything there is to know. I chose this because I am a very curious person and love to discovering new things in all different areas.

If your life had its own theme song, what would it be and why?

I think it would be ‘Eye of the Tiger’, I am always very driven and determined in everything I do.


Do you have any quirky talents?

I can wiggle my ears.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In 10 years I hope to have a thriving home business with my husband building websites and making businesses look good.


Any insightful life advice?

I think my best advice goes well with the Appsky Labs motto “Why wait to be great”
I always envied people with ‘cool’ jobs on TV or people who worked for themselves, thinking I could never do that because I was in the healthcare field at the time. Then I started thinking to myself “Why can’t you have a cool job too?” so I went for it. Long story short, stop doing what doesn’t make you happy and start doing what does!

Meet Melissa

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