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Meet max korensky

design intern
Meet Max!

Max is Appsky’s design intern. He will use his creative skills on client work and in-house projects, with his own unique style.

More About Max:


Max Korensky is Appsky’s newest (and first) intern. If the name Korensky sounds familiar, you guessed it, he is Taylor’s younger brother. Besides being related to the CEO, Max is an incredibly talented designer that we are so excited to have on the team.
Max is a current UNO student, majoring in Graphic Design. He loves the creativity in design that comes from being given limitations and finding the best solution for them. Max says that his best designs “come from just sitting down and working on a blank page.”

This guy absolutely loves bread and unlike the rest of the office, is not addicted to caffeine. Max is a responsible human and drinks water.

When Max isn’t playing Super Smash Bros
(he’s a Captain Falcon main), he loves to just drive around and listen to music.

Max loves Appsky’s fun atmosphere and our people-oriented business approach. We are so excited to have Max and can’t wait to see what he adds to the team!

You can connect with Max on Instagram @maxoroni.

Meet Max!

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