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A Day in the Life of a Videographer

written by Ahmad Jaffrey


I remember the first time I picked up a camera. I knew nothing, yet I knew I wanted to use it to tell stories. As a matter of fact, I went to the University of Nebraska at Omaha to write stories as a poet. Eventually, I decided I wanted to not only write but show as well. It has taken me five years to gain the experience necessary to feel comfortable making videos.

No two mornings are the same for me. Sometimes, I am awake at the crack of dawn and other times I do not wake until after 10. The timing depends on what kind of film, photography, or editing I did the night before. There are two consistencies to each morning. One is the pour over cup of coffee I make myself when I wake up–without it I feel useless. The other is my daily routine to scratch my cat, Indi, for five minutes and then have him lead me to his bowl so I can pour him a cup of his favorite cat food.

Wednesdays are my favorite, the Startup Collaborative hosts 1 Million Cups with a guest speaker. We usually do an interview with the speaker afterwards. My studio is on the 7th floor of the AIM building with windows overlooking Harney street to the east and 19th to the north. There is a lot of natural light from the windows and my succulent plants have been growing ridiculously quick. The office is decorated by a few paintings of my friends and me. The paintings allow me to stay calm no matter the situation. They really come in handy when I am editing because sometimes I am in front of a computer for hours. For me, it is therapeutical to take periodical breaks and just stare at the paintings, eyeing where the painters brush led them. I haven’t tried, but one of these days I plan on telling my clients to stare at the painting if they are too nervous for their moment.

The actual filming takes the least amount of time. It is the editing, processing, rendering, cutting, pasting, and adding audio that takes 90% of the total creation of a project. This makes preparation the key to any good filming. I have created a checklist that allows me to double check and verify what equipment I need for each project. If you are prepared and organized thoroughly, it will show in the final project.

I take pride in my video creation. I try to make very project as enjoyable as possible. An artist once told me, “you leave a little bit of yourself, your energy in each art piece you create.” Film is an art and if you have a smile on your face while creating content, your smile will be somehow engraved into the soul of that creation.

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