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Meet Laura Ervin

What would a creative agency be without its Graphic Designer? You see, we’d like to think we’ve boiled up the perfect blend of designers vs developers in our Appsky test tubes. You can have one without the other, but when the two work together, perfect app-building harmony exists. 


Meet Laura, she’s in charge of mixing in the creative visuals that every good line of code needs. Not sure what your mobile app’s navigation bar should look like? Wondering how to fix the eye flow of your webpage? She’s got you. 


Although she graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha in May 2019 with a Bachelors in Studio Art: Graphic Design, she’s been designing her whole life. When they say creativity must flow through your genes, her family is a true testament of that. In fact, it’s a breeding ground for creatives. From her Grandpa designing notorious Omaha logos such as First National Bank and Mutual of Omaha, to two of her uncles and her father starting their own successful Ad Agencies, designing runs through her veins.


BUT, it’s not the only thing she loves doing. She also loves traveling (shocker, she’s a millennial, can you blame her?… but she seriously does). In the last year she’s been to 14 different states and two different countries. Her next trip? She wants to drive from NYC to visit her family in upstate New York & explore around Canada.


Laura’s favorite part about working with Appsky is the welcoming culture. Only having been with the company for two months, she feels like she has made friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Be sure to say hi – or check out her own personal designs at lauraervin.com.

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