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Meet Evynne Doue

designer & developer
Meet Evynne Doue

Hi, I’m Evynne. I’m the newest addition to the Appsky Team and I am SO PUMPED to be here. My duties will mainly include design/production work and front-end development. I’m super excited to design websites and mobile apps, help build Appsky’s brand, and be part of such an awesome, inspired, enthusiastic team!

More About Me:

My insatiable desire for success and undying need to continually learn & improve my skills has brought me to where I am today. I’m a go-getting twenty-something set out to make a lasting imprint in what I like to call the Wonderful World of Design. I have a degree in Web Design and I’m 5 classes away from having a degree in Graphic Design as well!

So, here’s the deal: I chase my passions—and I’m good at it. I have this undeniable passion for all things design & I’m highly dedicated to my craft. I dive in to all of my projects with enthusiasm and hard work, and I love a good challenge! I’m actively involved in Omaha’s local design community and I’m excited to spread Appsky’s name throughout it.

Where else do I work besides Appsky?

I also work at Interface Web School as a Web Design / UX Mentor to students learning the fundamentals of front-end web development. My duties involve providing design guidance to students & meeting with students who need one-on-one interaction/help with anything from basic design principles to HTML and CSS.

On a weekly basis, I present to the students, teaching them all about the important processes, practices, and principles when designing a website, including (but not limited to) the importance usability & UX, building sitemaps & wireframes, how to stay “on brand,” conducting competitor research / analyses, and so on.

Let’s talk about design (some more!)

All forms of design inspire me, but design on the web is where the core source of my undeniable passion flows from. What I love most is the idea that design is a way to solve problems—not just make something look good.

Effective designs, especially those in the mobile and web world, are intuitive to their native users. The idea that you can make design decisions—how you organize information, where you place certain elements, how you visually interact with your user—not only fascinates, but absolutely inspires and motivates me.

I also love how the design process is a collaborative and communicative effort, which is one of the things I’ve loved about working at Appsky so far. I thrive off of the opinions and professional input from my peers. I truly believe that being able to communicate effectively produces a cohesive and well-rounded end product, whether it is through the effective communication with clients, or other team members.

I’m also a “brand geek” meaning I’m obsessed with brands that possess strong, effective identities, personalities, and social presences.

What else can I do besides design?

I have experience in filmmaking / cinematography, storyboarding, marketing and business principles, event planning / decorating, research and interviewing, copywriting, scriptwriting, and leadership roles.

Besides design of all kinds, my world revolves around drinking (too much) coffee, crying about how Fox Mulder isn’t my boyfriend, and experimenting with different media in my journal/sketchbook. Other than that, in my free time I enjoy traveling, writing poetry and short stories, planning and decorating for events, practicing hand lettering, staying active, volunteering, attending conferences, supporting local artists and businesses, and going to different networking events. Lastly, being a lover of learning and knowledge, I really am just a plain ol’ nerd at heart. And PROUUUDDDD of it!

Oh yeah, speaking of being a plain ol’ nerd at heart, every month I buy at least 2 new textbooks—usually having to do with anything from design, development, usability, typography, graphic design history, and so on—off of Amazon and I’ve really been racking up the collection. I also “collect” (“hoard” is a probably better term) multiple sketchbooks, notebooks, greeting cards, art prints, etc. I’m a sucker for learning and good design, what can I say?!

Weird quirks & interesting Facts about me:

I’m not originally from Omaha—I’ve lived here for the past nine years, and it’s definitely always been “home” for me, but I moved around A LOT when I was a kid and my record number of times having moved in my entire life is 21 (crazy, I know).

I love the color pink. My glasses are always crooked (I think my ears are just uneven? …to be honest). And, I can balance just about anything on my head—yes, I’m serious. Also…I can make a cool dolphin noise?? ANYWAYS, moving on—

I’m obsessed with The X-Files & I love Quentin Tarantino movies. I think cats, otters, foxes and baby goats are AMAZING. Sunflowers and peonies are my favorite flowers. Fall is the best season and Halloween is my all time FAVORITE holiday. I have a big, crazy, fun-loving family who I love to spend my free time with. Other than that, I like to refer to myself as an activist, environmental advocate, animal lover, adventurer, creative enthusiast, design nerd, art lover, and consistent learner.

Thanks for reading!

Woohoo guys thanks for taking the time to learn all about me! If you have any other questions hit me up via my personal website: evynnedoue.design AND/OR if you need a website, a mobile app, or any other design/development work hit up the Appsky Labs team!!!

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