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Meet Eric Perez

Meet Eric Perez



Introducing appsky’s newest member, Eric Perez! Eric is a full-stack Angular & React software developer that joined the team in November 2019. He grew up in an Air Force military household, moving from place-to-place, until he made Omaha his home a few years ago. Eric made the decision to get involved with software development because of his passion for problem solving. In return, this led him to attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in computer science. 

An avid traveler, Eric is passionate about exploring the world. His most recent trips have taken him to Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Mexico. Cool, right? He also enjoys his time outdoors mountain biking, boating, jet skiing, and wake boarding.

So, what does he like about working at appsky? Eric appreciates having the ability to have ownership over projects, independence, and the flexibility to make/impact decisions.

When he isn’t busting out code, you can catch him hanging out with his wife, two pet guinea pigs—Nina & Penny, and the newest addition to their family—a cute puppy named Abbie.


Random Facts About Eric:

  • He was on the Monterey All Start Little League Baseball Team

  • He has broken three bones – Right arm, left leg, and one rib (feel free to ask him how!)

  • He has great “swoopie tsunami-like hair” but his secret is to only wash it with shampoo and conditioner a couple times a year

  • His biggest pet peeve (understandably) is being charged for ranch. The argument—if ketchup and mustard are free, why does ranch cost money?

  • His cheap beer of choice is Coors Light

  • His favorite food is Pad Thai

If you see this Hydro-Homie (a nickname given to him for drinking 90% of appsky’s water supply), feel free to drop a hello!

Meet Eric Perez

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