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Meet Ben Eisenberger

What’s an office without that one employee who can whip out his guitar and play any tune you request?  For the appsky team, that’s Ben—the type of guy you’d love to sit around a campfire with. This year, we welcomed Ben as our newest software developer. Freshly graduated from the Midland Code Academy, Ben was eager to put his programming skills to the test—and that’s when he found appsky. 

As someone who enjoys problem solving, structure, and architecting new things, software development is perfect for Ben. He likes how “neat” code is—its indentations and organization. With appsky being his first job in software development, he has enjoyed putting the skills he learned at the Midland Code Academy to use. When asked what he likes most about working at appsky, he quickly responded with the people. He believes our team of people are “really nice to each other” and that we communicate well. We completely agree, Ben ;).

Although born and raised in Papillion, NE, Ben (like many of our employees) has traveled. ALOT. He has done a solo tour through 30 different cities in the east and south United States and has visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada, and Spain. His love for traveling allows him to have friends all across the world. It also probably helps that Ben is an adventurous eater and is never afraid to try new foods. Yet, that doesn’t stop him from eating Taco Bell on a regular basis (hey…we all have that one fast food guilty pleasure).

When he isn’t programming or traveling, Ben enjoys writing and playing music, hanging out with his friends, and cooking. He’s a real people person, always eager to meet new people or perform for a crowd. So if you’re looking to make a new friend, Ben is your go-to person! Connect with him on LinkedIn!

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