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Mastering the art of linkedin

written by: Taylor Korensky & Jade Jensen

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals eager to grow their network, keep up with industry news, and follow other people in their sphere. By being an active member, you can gain new connections, find job opportunities, and so much more.


Because of the reasons aforementioned, appsky has been religiously using LinkedIn over the last few years. So, what are our secrets to creating a knock-out LinkedIn page? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the tips/tricks/insights that we’ve gathered along the way to help you master the art of connecting winking face

Building Your Profile


The beauty of LinkedIn is that there is no limit to the experiences you add on your page. You’re not restricted to a one-page resume. 

  1. 1. Use the suggestions listed on the profile page. LinkedIn does a great job of guiding you through each section found on the profile page. Do your best to fill out what you can. This includes your current and previous job experiences, certifications, skills, and accomplishments. 

  2. 2. Select skills that match your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to endorse you or recommend you! 

  3. 3. It is absolutely necessary to have a LinkedIn profile picture. It’s the 21st century and most of us have fancy smart phones that can take a decent headshot. Don’t take a selfie. Have someone take a photo of you. Or, if you don’t have anyone, prop your phone up and set a timer. Then add a filter and you’re all set! People are more likely to connect with you on LinkedIn if they have a face to the name. 

  4. 4. Use the About Section to highlight your skills and what you want people to know about you. Keep in mind that you’re trying to “sell” yourself. LinkedIn is a great way to create and market your own personal brand. 

  5. 5. Keep it updated. Update the new things that happen in your life, it’s easy for others to be aware of what’s going on in your world. Job promotions, switching over to a new job, starting a business, etc. Keep your profile updated. This is also extremely helpful when you need to update that five year old resume from back in the day!


Connecting with Others & Managing Your Network


  1. 6. Use LinkedIn to connect with people you meet or want to meet. One of LinkedIn’s major purposes is to help you manage and keep connected to your network. Each time you work with someone new or meet someone at a networking event, connect with them!

  2. 7. When connecting with someone, it gives you the option to add a message with it. Do it. This helps you look back and remember how you met that person (and it also helps them remember you). This is especially important if you met them at a networking event because chances are, they met multiple people.

  3. 8. Say Happy Birthday! Go out of your way to send over a quick message to your contacts wishing them a happy birthday. 

  4. 9. Say Congratulations! Similar to the previous tip, don’t forget to message and congratulate your connections when they find a new job, get a promotion, or accomplish something! 

  5. 10. Use LinkedIn to reach out to new people or stay in touch with people. If there is someone you want to meet, you have a better chance of connecting with them on LinkedIn than you do sending them an email or text message. Don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn to connect with others and stay connected. After all, that’s kind of the purpose of LinkedIn…

  6. 11. You have to create your network, it will not create itself. If you want to actually build your network, you’re going to have to search for the people you know and connect with them. Plain & Simple. 

  7. 12. Aim for the 500+ connections tag on LinkedIn as a way to separate yourself. Surprisingly not that many people have that, but almost everyone knows more than 500 people.

  8. 13. Adding Connections. There are some unique ways to connect with people on LinkedIn using the mobile app. By going to the “My Network” tab on LinkedIn and clicking the circle blue icon of a person with a + sign on the bottom right hand corner, three options will pop up. 

    1. Add Contacts. You can add contacts from your phone’s contact list that are on LinkedIn and mass connect with people. It’s a good way to find people quickly that you automatically know.

    2. QR Codes. If you’re looking to connect with someone in person, you can pull up your own personal QR Code this way (or at the the very right of the search engine) for others to scan OR for you to scan someone else’s. This is a great way to avoid misspelling someone’s name or…if you accidentally forgot their name and don’t want to have to ask for it in order to find them

    3. Find Nearby. This is a neat feature that allows you to turn on your bluetooth and anyone else in the room that has a LinkedIn and has their bluetooth on, will show up as a list for you to connect with. It’s very useful if you want to connect with multiple people within close proximity of you. 

  9. 14. Scroll through the suggested connections regularly. LinkedIn curates a list of people that you might know and allows you to add the people you do know (or would like to know). As you add more, it will find more. 


Posting & Engaging with Others


  1. 15. Post about what you’re working on. Leading a new meetup? Starting a business? Volunteering with a new organization? What’s happening in your world? When posting on LinkedIn, post about that! By informing your network of what is going on in your life, it opens the door to new connections and new opportunities.

  1. 16. Comment on and share other posts that interest you. It’s one thing to write your own posts, it’s another to get in the habit of commenting and sharing other posts. Engaging with others is just as necessary as posting regularly! You never know who you’ll end up interacting with.

  1. 17. Use hashtags occasionally. If you want to get more engagement, especially within a niche topic or industry, add a hashtag or two. Since everything on LinkedIn is public, it expands your reach. Don’t over do it though! 

  1. 18. It’s OKAY to throw in an emoji or two. Although LinkedIn is a more professional social media platform compared to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, there is nothing wrong with using an emoji occasionally winking face . Keep in mind that you’re creating your own brand. How do you want people to identify you? If your brand consists of an occasional emoji, go for it! face with tongue 

  1. 19. Share a variety of things. What’s the nice way of saying “don’t be boring”? If you want people to engage with you on LinkedIn, mix it up. Share articles, post about events, throw in a funny meme here and there. You get the point. And figure out what posts get the most engagement for you!

  1. 20. Share your goals. You have goals, share it with others! You never know who might see it that is also working towards the same or similar goals. Sometimes new opportunities can become present in your life, simply by making others aware! Your connections might also be able to connect you to other people. It never hurts to ask!

  1. 21. The posts that typically do best are accomplishments, pictures of people (yourself), and pictures in general. Believe it or not, people are interested in hearing about you and your accomplishments! The best posts typically are centered around you and people. 

  1. 22. Don’t complain. How often to you see someone post on Facebook or other social media accounts, complaining? LinkedIn is still a professional social media platform and quite frankly, no one wants to hear your whine.

  1. 23. Tag, Tag, Tag. Tag other businesses and people to increase engagement. Bonus points if the business or person shares your post!

  1. 24. Use LinkedIn to champion others and their accomplishments. Don’t use LinkedIn if you’re all about you. Eventually people stop caring and will unfollow you. Talk up other people in your network. LinkedIn is a community and we’re all here to support each other! Especially if you can connect someone in your network to someone else. 

  1. 25. Comment, like, and create articles. If you want to learn something new or stay updated on the industry, check out articles! Increase engagement by engaging on other posts! Or give it a shot and create your own article. Share your knowledge and expertise with others by writing about a topic you’re passionate about!

  1. 26. Use events as a way to create posts. Did you just attend an event with one of your co-workers? Take a picture and post it! Do you have an upcoming event? Share it and try to increase event attendance! You never know who might come across your posts and will show up.

  1. 27. Focus on promoting yourself with specific, niche skills. Brand yourself with specific skill sets. You’re not just a marketer, for example, you’re an expert in Search Engine Optimization. Be specific and create your brand around that.


News & Businesses


  1. 28. Follow businesses, pages, and people that interest you. LinkedIn is very much a platform built to share and read industry news. Follow businesses that produce great content and or people who are leaders in their industry. Keep up with new technology, understand how your industry is being impacted, or simply follow to learn about new industries you don’t have experience with.

  1. 29. Create a business page. If you have a business, you absolutely need to have a business page. No excuses. Create a nice little about section, add posts regularly, invite people to like your business page, and be sure to connect your profile job experience to your business page.




  1. 30. Use LinkedIn to find jobs. One of LinkedIn’s primary focuses is to help make your job search easier. Not only can you easily search for jobs by specific title, but you can apply directly through LinkedIn. 

  1. 31. Use it to post jobs. On the other side, you can use LinkedIn as a business to post job opportunities you want people to apply for.


Additional Tips


  1. 32. Don’t pay for premium unless you really need it and are going to use it. Premium LinkedIn has many benefits, but if you don’t need it, don’t bother getting it. Luckily, LinkedIn offers a free one month trial to users. So if you are interested in testing it out to see if it’s worth your money, you have the opportunity to do so! Just don’t forget to cancel if you end up not using it.

  1. 33. Stay away from scam messages or bad recruiters. Sometimes you can receive messages from amazing recruiters for real job opportunities. However, keep a look out for people who are trying to spam you or take advantage of you. 

  1. 34. Search for topics by hashtags. Curious about what’s happening in your city or in a specific field. Type in #Omaha in the search engine or #softwaredevelopment and learn about specific things. 

  1. 35. Search in general. LinkedIn allows you to type a word in the search engine and find people working in that industry, content related to that industry, or jobs within the industry. 

  1. 36. Get the mobile app. This seems really obvious, but make sure you download it. It offers more features that the desktop version does and it’s convenient to use.

  1. 37. Check Your Statistics. Set goals for yourself and the kind of engagement you would like to achieve on LinkedIn. Then work to grow it over time.





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