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Life at Appsky


Here at Appsky Labs our motto is WHY WAIT TO BE GREAT?”.  Our clients and employees both benefit from this way of life. We provide a great opportunity for small to midsize businesses in Omaha to bring their ideas to life. As exciting as this is for potential clients, it can be even more exciting for up and coming junior developers.

Many of the developers on our team are fresh out of Interface Web School and are ready to dive into the working world. We asked a few of these developers about what their experience has been transitioning to an Appsky contractor and what they are looking forward to most about working with us. Here is what they had to say…

“I have struggled finding a developer role in the past year since Spring 2016 but am optimistic about the future and new opportunities in 2017. I am hoping to grow my skills and develop my skills into a full-time developer” –Travis Rondeau

“I have not been working full time but I have transitioned into some pretty cool jobs after Interface working with a local radio station and teaching high school kids coding I say it’s been ok. I’m looking forward to learning new things and bringing my skills to the team” –Tristan Coleman

“I’m looking to further develop my skills as a web developer. I have not been able to find a front-end web developer position since training.” –Bill Homan

Finding new clients is hard work. I hope teaming up with Appsky will let me focus more on coding.” –Kevin Bullis

“I’m looking to develop hands-on experience at Appsky Labs, doing practice is nice but hands-on is a better way to understand meeting customers’ needs. The transition after graduation was hard since most companies require 3+ years of experience. Working with Appsky is helping me build a better portfolio of live sites.” –Juan Aguero

“I finished my first class with Interface in December of 2016 and heard about Appsky shortly after and was very excited at the opportunity to jump on board. I am currently in my second class at Interface and am continuing to learn so much. I am looking forward to bringing these skills to the table at Appsky to help develop custom WordPress sites for Omaha businesses. I am also looking forward to the flexible work style that comes along with working with Appsky.”
Melissa Buffalohead

“As an Appsky Labs contractor and Full Stack Web Developer, I am looking to contribute to awesome projects in the community. I also look forward to further developing my skill set. Appsky Labs would be a nice jump start to my tech career.” –TyDell Miller

I am looking forward to that first satisfied customer, finding out what skill set employers in Omaha are looking for and using that to help guide my learning, and becoming a valuable asset.” –Patrick Clark

Our employees are eager to work hard and build their skill sets because… WHY WAIT TO BE GREAT?

Life at Appsky

we are a human-centered creative agency that specializes in design, software, & consulting, with a passion to improve our local community through unique & affordable services.

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