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Is it Appsky /skiː/, or AppSky /skaɪ/?

by: Taylor Korensky

We get this question a lot, and reasonably so! There are so many “techy” names out there and none of them are spelled right. The name of your startup is important; it needs to be unique, memorable, and hook customers. It took quite some time to feel good about a name for my startup. To help explain, this is a bit of my story and why the name ‘Appsky’ ultimately stuck.

Apps were not around when I was a kid like they are now. It was something new and exciting that my generation grew up next to and influenced heavily. We are in a unique group as our parents were introduced as adults, and younger generations will grow with this technology from infancy. That experience has had a major impact on my interest in mobile and web app technologies throughout my young adult life.

Through my experience as a mobile development freelancer, I began to realize that Nebraska was in need of great mobile and web app design and development for entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses. Freelancers were filling that role to some degree, but not in a complete way. While brainstorming this idea and a potential name with my dad, we struck gold. We knew it had to incorporate ‘App’ as that is the core of the business I planned to start. I’m sure lots of bad names were thrown out that day, but one of us said, let’s combine our last name (Korensky) with App — maybe there’s something there! And finally, we got it… ‘Appsky’.

So now you know, my Czech last name Kor-en-sky (/skiː/) and not Kor-en-Sky (/skaɪ/) is the reason behind Appsky being ‘App-sky (/skiː/)’ and not ‘App-Sky (/skaɪ/)” — and let’s face it, the ‘right way’ sounds way cooler!

Is it Appsky /skiː/, or AppSky /skaɪ/?

Taylor Korensky is appsky’s Founder & CEO

Taylor started appsky (formerly Appsky Labs) in November 2016 with a passion and drive to improve the local community through affordable software. With a degree in IT Innovation from UNO and 5+ years of mobile app development experience, Taylor is the core propellent of appsky’s vision & knack for innovation.

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