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Choosing Your Company Colors

Choosing your company’s colors is no easy task and does take some research. People don’t realize the importance of picking the perfect colors for a company.  It is massively important and must appeal and connect to your audience efficiently and effectively.  Here are four tips that will help guide you on your journey through selecting the correct colors of the rainbow:


Believe it or not there is a huge psychological factor behind the meaning of the the colors. Colors make people feel certain ways, so start by asking yourself what is the company’s value proposition and the message behind the brand. Think about how you relate to colors and evaluate how the colors make you feel.

Here is an excellent chart of how colors associate with the company message and brand through the color scheme and design:

How To Choose Your Company Colors

Credit: The Logo Company


Another great resource is looking into companies in the same industry.  Finding that industries that are trying to portray the same message have similar colors and tones.  This is similar in industries and in products.  Mint cookies or ice cream are always portrayed in some shade of green.

The 60/30/10 Rule

The 60/30/10 rule means that three colors should be picked and displayed at the different percentages. Color one would be 60%, color two at 30% and the last color displayed at only 10%.  This is a very common theme for designers not only for logos and website design but also for room décor.  The next time you pick up a magazine showing the design of a room, you will see that this method is very popular and wide spread.

Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to capture, and what demographic does this audience fall into?  Researching the intended target audience will help analyze the message that the company is trying to get across through the colors.  You want to be able to communicate your brand to the intended audience very quickly to connect, appeal and engage.  Engaging customers quickly is more important now than ever before as the average person sees 5000 advertisements per day.  Stick out amongst the masses.

Remembering that just because you like the color doesn’t mean that it fits the company message and brand is very important.  Set your company up with success from the very start by following these tips in selecting the company colors and differentiate yourself from the competition.

If all else fails or you are still feeling insecure about selecting the colors to represent the company, simply hire a designer who will make sure that the message of your brand is portrayed through the colors of the company.

How To Choose Your Company Colors

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