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How Appsky Supports Local

written by: Appsky Team
How Appsky Supports Local

Even though I’ve spent the past half of my life in restaurants, I haven‘t had any takeout since we collectively put our social distancing measures in place a few weeks ago – and my time has been spent either getting groceries or staying in my room. However, many of my musician friends – a vast majority of whom also work in the service industry or teach music full-time – have been directly affected by all of this, and a majority of them are now without any work whatsoever. A lot of people in the music community have been doing live streams of shows or concerts, and that’s the way I’ve been trying to show my support during this time. A couple great ones that I saw lately were a live-streamed, pro-shot show of Mike Schlesinger and Rebecca Lowry at the The Sydney, and fabulous folk musician Chris Hudson (from Kansas City).”

Ben Eisenberger

How Appsky Supports Local

“After living in Blackstone for 3 years now, I’ve loved watching the growth of many new, local businesses. Because of this, I am suuuuper adamant in continuing to support these places, even when everything feels a little different. Whether getting curbside pick up on coffee orders from Archetype or getting to-go tacos from Mula, I’m pretty sure my food intake has gone up – great way to get that “Quarantine 15″ whoops. As far as retail goes, one specific store that I support is the Chute. They are an affordable ethical clothing store that opened sometime last September in Little Bohemia. Due to the recent events they have had to quickly adjust to the change while growing their relatively new business. Right now, the Chute is providing private shopping appointments to those who either book through their website or their social media. Little Bohemia has a number of other stores that are either providing shop-by-appointment, or local delivery – for sure check them out. For more information, follow their Instagram @shopthechute, or go to their website thechuteonline.com. Right now, the best thing you can do is support others.”

Laura Ervin

How Appsky Supports Local

My apartment has been encouraging food trucks to come park at our complex. I’ve been able to get some awesome lunches at home with food trucks like Cheese Life and Johnny Ricco’s pizza.

Connor Dean

How Appsky Supports Local

“One area close by to me that has a few great local businesses is Countryside Village on 87th & Pacific. I’m sort of obsessed with Village Grinder (it’s my go-to coffee shop) and pretty much have been going regularly for two or so years now. Patty, the owner, has been running VG for 36 years and recently changed the door to a barn door for people to order without going into the store (with social distancing in mind, of course). I recommend the dirty chai, pomegranate tea, cold brew with vanilla, and vanilla latte. Food wise, you cannot go wrong with any of the cookies (seriously…).


Countryside Village also has many cute boutiques, such as Made in Omaha, The Simple Man, and Statement Boutique. For food, Le Quartier Baking Company (also in Dundee & Lincoln), is delicious, especially the soups and breads!


Even if you don’t have the chance to check out these places during quarantine time, I encourage you to when things get back to normal!

Jade Jensen

How Appsky Supports Local

“We moved to Benson last summer because we love the area for its character, awesome people, great businesses, restaurants, and bars. The social aspect was certainly a draw, and now we can’t experience it the way it is meant to be! To help support our favorites places in Benson during this challenging time we have been taking advantage of the curbside pick-up. We love the wings and tacos at Dundee’s Place and the great sandwiches from Star Deli. Bärchen makes great burgers, and has been doing some fun family options like offering free to-go kids meals the other day! Taco Co’s queso and homemade chips are an awesome option share at home. We haven’t taken advantage yet, but we hear that Flavas has to-go tacos and Hurricane daiquiris that rival the best ones we tried on our last trip to New Orleans. To get out of the house (in a safe, and social distancing sort of way) we took a trip with our two year old daughter to the Wildlife Safari Park in Ashland, and it was a great stay-in-the car activity, and is free with a zoo pass. Overall we are trying to find new ways to support local as much as possible because trust me, I can’t wait to go grab a bite and a beer at the bar again soon, and they better still be there squinting face with tongue!”

Taylor Korensky

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