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Code At-Home Week

Gathered by: Appsky & Code Ninjas

Code At-Home Checklist


Appsky and Omaha’s local Code Ninjas have partnered together to share online programming games for junior developers. Below is a list of educational (and fun) games!

Code At-Home Week

Minecraft Monday

Instead of playing Minecraft, learn some of the code behind it!

Visit here to play!

Code At-Home Week

T-Rex Tuesday

How high can you get your T-Rex to jump? Can you avoid running into any cacti?

Visit here to code.

Code At-Home Week

Wack-A-Mole Wednesday

Those pesky moles. How can you use programming to wack them?

Find out here.

Code At-Home Week


Tilt Thursday

Get your tilt on here.

Code At-Home Week


Flappy Bird Friday

Remember the countless hours spent playing flappy bird back in the day?

Learn to program Flappy Bird here.

Code At-Home Week

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