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Building a Successful App

By Kylie Holman


Apps have become an indispensable part of our lives. You have an app for your grocery store, your bank, your apartment, your intramural ping pong team, everything. Anyone who had a Zippo lighter app on their iPod knows that not all apps are set up for success. But we know what it takes to get your app off the ground and keep it out of the deleted folder.

There are two different types of apps:

  • Internal Use Apps

  • External Use Apps

Internal use apps are designed specifically for your business. They help you with a distinct business function, making your life easier.

External use apps are designed for the public. They are meant for mass distribution and consumption, making someone else’s life easier.

Alright, you have a great idea and you know what type of app you’re going to make. If you don’t make apps for a living, there are probably some aspects you haven’t considered about the app-making process. Here are five facets you need to consider before starting your app.

1. Understanding What Goes into an App

The absolute first step in creating an app is knowing exactly what you’re in for. Apps have become so ubiquitous that we don’t often think about the time and money that go into them. Apps are complicated and can take a long time to create, test, and modify before they’re ready to be launched. They also aren’t cheap. The average cost of an app is between $75,000 to $125,000 depending on the complexity of features. But that money is an investment in the kind of quality that will make your app great.

2. Treating an App Like a Business

Apps are so much more than just an idea. A great idea can turn into an app, but it also has to be complemented by a viable business plan. Not everything needs an app, so you want to make sure that an app is a solution to your problem. If it is, you need to make sure that your app has a solid plan and team dedicated to making your idea a reality. This is done through market research, user testing, and creating a business plan that supports your awesome idea.

3. Don’t Settle for the Cheap Option

After seeing the numbers above, you might be wondering why apps cost so much. Especially when you can download most of them for free. You might be tempted to shop around and find the lowest price possible but be warned, you get what you pay for. Not only are apps complicated, but they take time. So you are paying not only for the expertise but the time of the project as well.

If it’s good and cheap, it won’t be fast. If it’s fast and cheap, it won’t be good. If it’s good and fast, it won’t be cheap.

4. Don’t Skip Design

Design is one of the most important aspects of a project, especially apps. It’s more than just looking pretty. Intuitive design is essential to the user experience. We’ve all stared frustrated at a screen looking for something, wishing it was more obvious. That’s due to bad design. Good design focuses on user experience and tests to make sure that the app not only looks good, but makes sense. No one can enjoy your app if they don’t know how to use it.


5. Having a Plan

The last step before starting your app is having a plan. You need to know what your next steps are before diving headfirst into the crazy world of apps. Once you understand the business strategy behind your app, you can start formulating a growth strategy. How are you going to get your app in the hands of the right people? Once they have it, how are you collecting user feedback and making sure they recommend it to others? These questions are important to consider before creating your app.

With an idea, budget, business plan, and a good team, you have almost everything you need to execute. Now, you can start looking for someone to build your app. Keeping these tips in mind will help you make the most out of a great idea and stay out of the deleted folder.


Building a Successful App - Steps to Avoid Failure

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