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Freelance Tips and Tricks with Michael Hennings

Michael has been in the Omaha video production scene for over six years, both running a team and as a freelancer. There’ve been a lot of important lessons along the way, but here’s a few that he’s found most useful since he struck out on his own.

Why You Don’t Need to Go to College to be a Developer

by: jordi becceril & marchele hill Jordi and Marchele, two of appsky's main developers put their heads together to provide a list of bullet points on why you don't need to go to college to be a developer. With both being largely self-taught, they're the perfect people...

Best Places to work that aren’t The Office or at Home

by: everyone at appsky We've all been there...sometimes we just need a change of scenery. Working at the same places all the time can get old, so the appsky team has come up with a list of their places to work outside of the office or your own home. Archetype Coffee...

The Symbiotic Relationship between the Designer & Developer

*Read in the voice of Sir David Attenborough*
In nature, there exists the phenomenon known as “Symbiosis”. In short, symbiosis is when two organisms—be they plant, animal, fungus, or something else—live in a close, long-term biological relationship. There are many degrees to these relationships.

Why Hybrid Mobile App Development is the way to go

by: Taylor Korensky The debate over hybrid mobile development and native mobile development has been in existence for a while now, but recent updates, progressions, and evolutions in the hybrid world & community have created a major shift in the industry. Then vs. Now...

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