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Best Places to Work

that aren’t the office or at home

by: everyone at appsky

We’ve all been there…sometimes we just need a change of scenery. Working at the same places all the time can get old, so the appsky team has come up with a list of their places to work outside of the office or your own home.

Archetype Coffee

“Fastidious Roasts. Punctilious Brews. Ridiculous People.”
That’s how Archetype describes what they do. That alone makes you think, well who wouldn’t want to go and work on stuff there?? Archetype is a cute little coffee shop in Blackstone that has amazing coffee and other beverages + snacks. There’s a lot of individual seating so it’s pretty easy to grab a table and work. The vibe is great and the employees are super friendly. They also have a new location opening soon in Little Bohemia. Best times to go are in the early mornings and mid-afternoons.

Benson Brewery

Go for Happy Hour (4–6 pm, half off beers and appetizers) and sit, eat, drink and work. If you can work without headphones, the conversations you overhear are the *best* background noise. Pro tip: sit at the first booth when you walk in or the first table that comes after the booths for easy access to outlets! Recommended eats: the vegan wings + one of their IPAs on tap.

Candlelight Lounge

Grab a drink, eat some food, and listen to decent music.

The Elbow Room

First off, The Elbow Room is great because most people don’t know it exists—The bar has been around for 50+ years and sits right on the corner of 50th and Center streets. The people that come to the bar are what makes the experience memorable and enjoyable. The bartenders are friendly, the drinks are good & affordable, and the atmosphere is fun, yet relaxed. There is no WiFi, however, and no fancy digital menu for drinks, but that’s what makes it special. Working in a technology startup, some of us like the idea that we can go to a special place like this without having to talk to anyone about code, Apple, Google, etc. It’s an escape from the day-to-day and definitely a step into a different environment, which is why it’s great to work there.

Jake’s Cigars & Spirits

Jake’s can sometimes be a tricky place to work but the bartenders are always super friendly and they have very reasonably priced beers and cocktails. Their well alcohols are three steps up from most bars. The best times to go are early afternoon, right when they open at 4 pm. Pro tip: sit on the “Big Bar” side in the seat that’s farthest to the right (if you’re facing the bar), there’s an outlet right there behind the bar that the bartender will plug your charger in to.

Karma Koffee

Karma Koffee is a small coffee shop located on 156th & Dodge and is one of the best coffee shops in Omaha to get work done. The employees are incredibly welcoming, especially the owner Traci and employee Madeline! It’s easy to strike up a conversation with either of them. There is this long table across from the register with outlets along the entire wall and comfortable seating. What’s nice about the table is that you can sit down on a high top chair or if you prefer to stand and work, the height is perfect.

Krug Park

Krug is a really nice, super chill place to hang out and work in the evenings and weekend afternoons. The bar seating that faces the street has easy-access outlets, plus you get to people watch AND work. Recommended sips: A Horsefeather from legendary bartender Alex Lund or one of their many iconic Bloody Mary’s.

Mammel Hall

A couple of employees at Appsky have spent a lot of time inside Mammel Hall and say it is one of the best places to get work done. There are several different places to work, from the cafe (where it’s a little bit louder if you like background noise) to tables spread out on each floor or even the more secluded tables that include whiteboards at the east end of every floor. If you get hungry or thirsty, Stedman’s Cafe on the main floor provides several different options for food and drink to pick from.


No—not the planet Mercury, but the bar/restaurant in downtown Omaha. With drinks + food until 2 am, Mercury is the best place to work for all you night owls out there. There’s bar seating, booth seating, and even super comfy couches and chairs where you have a lot of room to spread out and work comfortably. Mercury even has a Clinebell ice machine that uses single-direction freezing to produce 300-lb. blocks of ice ? With the resulting 10” x 20” x 40” ice block, bartenders will literally hit it with a chainsaw, and hand-carve every large ice cube that comes in any of their drinks on the rocks.

Nite Owl

Located in Blackstone, Nite Owl is the perfect place to go if you like a dark, but welcoming space. They play all sorts of old and/or ridiculous movies behind the bar so if you tend to get distracted easily, sit in a place where you can’t see the screen ? Recommended time to go: During Happy Hour (which is right when they open from 5–7 pm). Recommended eats: TAT-CHOS, the most amazing (and iconic) tater tot dish you’ll ever experience. With queso, salsa verde, queso fresco, crema, red onion, and cilantro all piled on top of a huge plate of tots, it’s impossible not to fall in love.

Under a Bridge

With all the trolls now on the internet, there are plenty of overpasses and bridges all over the city with plenty of room to spread out. Mobile hotspot and a good data plan are required, though.

Not to be confused with RCHP’s hit song, Under the Bridge

Best Places to work that aren’t The Office or at Home

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