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Head of Marketing & Design

Secret Boss

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Queen of Design & Community Networking, Evynne is known as our Brand Guru and Holy Mother of Content Creation.
Designer by nature & developer by dedication, she’s great at solving problems & perceiving needs.
When she’s not at work, she’s probably riding her bike, exploring new places, surrounded by animals, eating good food, or watching the X-files.


Hybrid Mobile App & Full-Stack Developer

Office Clown

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Marchele is a self-taught developer whose dream of creating video games has turned into a similar passion for creating mobile apps. His love for software development is accompanied by a love of lifting heavy things, eating hot a$$ food, drinking vodka, and developing his own apps for fun.
He continues to evolve & learn new things since being thrown into the fast-paced world of development and finds pleasure in continually being challenged to problem solve & explore new ways of doing things.


Chief Technology Officer & Lead Developer

Happy Camper

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As CTO of appsky, Sue is obsessed with tough challenges…and terrains. When she’s not outside, she’s either meticulously coding, producing music, or hitting her bench PRs at the gym. (Also, everyone is definitely jealous of her muscles).


Founder & CEO

Board Game Master

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Taylor is appsky’s team coach & sales extraordinaire. He started appsky with a passion & drive to improve our local community through affordable design & software services. With a degree in IT Innovation from UNO, Taylor is the core propellent of appsky’s vision & knack for innovation.


WordPress & Front-End Developer

Former Pro Footballer

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Jordi is the youngest of the team, which means he’s automatically the coolest by default. If you have a question about WordPress or Divi, he probably has the right answer.
Jordi’s awesome because he’s always trying to learn something new or set a new gym PR.


Business Operations & Accounts Manager

Positivity Expert

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Jade is the glue that holds all of appsky together. To put it simply, she makes. shit. happen. With a BSBA in Marketing & Management, she’s a team leader who is an expert at communication & project management.
Why Jade is special: To-do lists are her *thing*, she’s obsessed with Thai food, is always talking about dogs, loves to travel, & is really good at meeting new people.


Designer of all things Web, Mobile, & Print

*Actual* Know-It-All

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Jackson is appsky’s lead designer and knower-of-useless-facts. He is an unabashed geek, killer illustrator, film buff, and meme expert. The question he is most frequently asked is “why do you know that?”

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