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A Day in the Life of an Appsky Developer

written by Sue Yi

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a developer at Appsky Labs? As a lead developer here, I’ll give you the real gist of what it’s like.

To start off, yes, we can work remotely. How often do I work remotely? Not often, but there’s a reason for that. From the occasional afternoon drink and Xbox parties to free daily lunches, it’s hard to not head into the office all giddied up to work in our tiny atmosphere. Plus, being able to collaborate with the rest of the team makes life easier (If you work at a small, fast-paced startup, you know what I mean).

Team Work

We make changes on the fly, including the developers. If we need to adapt to a new technology stack for a client, then we do, but we have our reasons to stick with certain technologies such as Firebase, Digital Ocean, and Ionic. If there are absolutely any quarrels, then we dish out and have a meeting to discuss the pros and cons (It’s all about the open communication, ya’ll). Once we straighten things out, we go heads down; we like to think we work hard, and with fingers flexed. We hardly have quarrels, but we like to practice the art of let’s-not-have-group-think-nor-have-too-much-conflict.


Developer to Developer

Being a developer in a startup that hasn’t been a company for even a year yet, we figure things out on-the-fly via trial and error. Our current process is that we have standup once a week (on Tuesdays, to be exact) and none of us micromanage. We’d like to keep the over-the-shoulder, “What are you doing and what have you done”, to a minimum. So, each of us developers work under our own responsibility. When we accomplish a big task or fix a big bug, though, we like to boast about it by crossing it off of one of our giant white boards.


The Work Load

Working at a startup is about each member being responsible and hard-working on their own terms. We all pull together our resources if one of us needs help. When this happens, hours will change. Work demands will change. Luckily, I love working at Appsky. Some weeks, I do work over 40 hours, maybe even over 50 hours. This includes all developers.

A Day in the Life of an Appsky Developer

At the end of the day…

After a day of hustle-and-bustle on whatever project I decided to work on, I log my hours worked on getbric.com, pack my laptop, and either hit the gym or go on a nice run outside. This is my time to recharge for the next days’ worth of going heads down.

A Day in the Life of an Appsky Developer

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