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The App

The Omaha Food Truck Association is a non-profit that oversees and manages the local food truck community by establishing guidelines, setting standards, and ensuring all food trucks operate in an exemplary manner.

The board came to us for an app that could show where trucks around Omaha were in live-time.

In addition to the app, we also updated their logo, created a custom badge app icon + a set of interface icons, and put together a basic style guide.

Features and Functionality

One of the more important aspects of the app was coming up with a way for users to easily and quickly identify the status of each truck: which ones were open now, as well as which were opening soon and closing soon.

So we came up with a color-coded system that would be used throughout the app.

Updated Logo

In addition to needing an app badge icon design, the Omaha Food Truck Association also needed an updated version of their logo.

The board wanted their new logo to be similar to the old one, yet refined.



So we took the old logo and simplified it, creating something a little more clean and modern.

Custom Loading Animation

The board also wanted to simplify their logo for use in the app, especially after considering smaller screen sizes, so we stuck with the same concept, but went a step further by animating it for something fun and interactive to happen while the app loads.

Food Icons

We created a set of icons to represent the different food groups that could be filtered and searched within the app.

The End Result

We worked with the OFTA board to develop an app that:

  • displays the current location of the food trucks around omaha

  • allows users to enter a custom search and filter results

  • connects to the trucks’ menus and social media accounts
  • allows users to navigate to a truck’s current location

  • allows the board to easily set in-app advertisements

  • lets truck owners easily update their information via a backend database

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