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Give Sight Global

app design and development

a movement to cure blindness

The Movement

With the ambitious goal to restore vision to 1 million people worldwide, Give Sight Global was created by Physicians Thrive to turn calories into dollars by incentivizing individuals to exercise and make a difference in the lives of others.

Every 120 calories each individual user logs is matched by a dollar that goes to cure blindness.

The App

Physicians Thrive needed an app that synced with users’ corresponding fitness apps in order to track the number of calories logged, dollars earned, and eyes cured on both a personal and collective level.

So we created an app with a personalized experience for each individual user.

As well as a dashboard that displays stats and trends throughout the entire organization.

Custom Design

In an effort to up incentive and motivation, we designed custom achievement badges users could earn the more they used the app.

based on number of eyes cured

based on number of calories donated

based on 5, 10, and 15-day streaks

based on random app functionality-related accomplishments

The End Result

We worked with Physicians Thrive to develop an app that:

  • syncs users’ exercise app data & tracks their milestone progress

  • displays total calories burned & number of eyes cured

  • displays badges users gain as certain achievements are met
  • allows users to share their progress on social media

  • stores all relative data on a backend database

  • feeds into a dashboard that displays trends & stats

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